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At Moody Insurance Group our flying background gives us a first hand understanding of the needs of our aviation clients. We have the ability and the knowledge to custom design a insurance package that is tailored to your specific aircraft needs ranging from piper cubs to light jets.

We offer a comprehensive range of coverage to serve a wide variety of aviation-related endeavors.  From underwriting to claims service, whether you're an aircraft owner, renter, or aviation business operator, we provide you with the best policies and we guide you through the process of finding the one that's right for you.  Contact us today for a quick, easy no-obligation quote. 

General Aviation: No matter how you use your aircraft, we design a policy with the specific coverage you need.  We provide aircraft hull and liability coverage, among other aviation products and services.

Corporate Aviation: Corporate aviation is a relationship.  We support your flight operation with timely and advanced safety products and services.  We consult with you to understand your unique features and challenges so that we can deliver the best service.  Whether it’s certificates, settled claims, or other safety products, we deliver the products and services you need at the time you need them. 

Commercial Aviation: We match your needs to a unique set of forms of coverage.  Including management and fractional coverage, worker’s compensation, and other safety-related coverage, our programs insure commercial and business aviation operations that prioritize safety and quality. 

Owner’s Insurance: We provide owner-operators the coverage they need to cover the risks aviation, whether it's a Cessna Citation or a Diamond DA42, we ensure that you’ve got the right coverage for your specific that fit all your aircraft insurance needs.  Benefits of insuring with us include hassle-free quotes, ability to handle transition pilots, and access to all major carriers, Safety credit and membership discount programs to help keep your costs down, and unmatched customer service. 

Helicopters: Helicopters perform a range of tasks from private charters to air medical evacuations. Each task presents a separate set of challenges and requires proper insurance coverage. We provide aircraft hull and liability coverage that can be crafted to fit your specific needs.

Renter’s Insurance: Pilots need adequate coverage.  Renter’s insurance is imperative because it helps cover you and your family if and when the owner’s primary policy does not.  It also provides liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage when you borrow or rent airplanes.  Liabilities for renters can include repair costs, legal defense fees, bodily injury to passengers, and property damage.  A renter's policy with ATP provides comprehensive coverage that ensures that you get basic protection or advanced protection. 

Flying Clubs: Whether your club has only a few members or if membership is unlimited, if it is a member-owned only club or a hybrid, or if the aircraft type is traditional or modern, we have a policy to fit your needs.  Flying club insurance rates are influenced by numerous factors.  Some of the most common and important factors include the make and model of the aircraft operated, the number of members per aircraft, aircraft location, and the ratings, experience level, proficiency, and claim-experience of members. 

Insurance companies need to know a lot about you and your club in order to insure you and your assets properly.  Consider your insurance agent your partner.  Our agents can answer any questions you have and will work proactively with you to match your needs with the right policy for the best price.  
Types of Insurance: It is important to have liability and hull insurance coverage for both the club's and the individual member's protection.  Insurance policy flexibility is crucial when considering aviation club insurance because club dynamics change and individual club members’ needs change in ways that dictate adjustments to existing policies. 

Some of the most important forms of coverage for aviation clubs and club members are liability insurance, cross-liability insurance, and hull insurance.  These, among other firms of coverage, are integral to appropriate coverage for your club and for you as a member.  We integrate all of the necessary forms of coverage into your policy in order to ensure that you are protected against all of the risks that accompany your club membership and your activity within the club. 

Our goal is to keep aviation accessible and affordable for pilots.  We make managing your club’s insurance program, regardless of the number of aircraft and members involved, simple and quick.  We also educate our clients on setup, operations, costs, taxes, and much more in order to help clubs and their members succeed.

Agricultural Aircraft Insurance: If you are an agricultural aviator, you need insurance that covers a host assets and potential risks, including claims against bodily injury, property damage, chemical drift, and aircraft damage.  We have relationships with major carriers of aviation insurance.   This allows us to keep your premiums low while maintaining the level of protection you need.

Whether you operate a fixed or rotary-wing, whether you do row crop work or forestry work, we can help you make certain that you have the coverage you need for the work that you do.  We invite you to contact us today so that we can consult with you in your insurance coverage. We will review your organization and recommend a policy that provides the right coverage at the best price. 

Airport Liability Coverage for Private and Fixed-Base Operators: If you operate from or do business at private, municipal or commercial airports, you are exposed to liability claims that could result from injuries and damage to property. 

We can customize our coverage to match your operation and exposure. Coverage we provide includes location, products, contracts, personal injury, premises medical payments, and hangarkeeper’s liability. 

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